Whether you’re a festival first-timer or a loyal festival veteran, Festival Safe is a platform for everyone! It includes valuable sections on:

Festival first-timer: How you can cope with the toilets? What should you bring?

Families: An essential guide for those taking the little ones to the fields, with some suggestions and key tips to get your prepared beforehand.

Wellbeing: Festivals can sometimes be a test of endurance with the mix of sunshine and downpours, but stay on top form with your physical and mental health!

Crime: We need to make sure our festival friends and family are safe whilst in the fields, so make sure to take precautions to be alert.

Alcohol: Be sure not to overdo it – know the facts and stay safe in the fields!

Drugs: Drug use will not be tolerated. Anyone found in possession will be removed from site and handed to the police.

Festival Safe – Click here for more information.